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Qiyuan Pharmaceutical Signed 2021 Safety Production Target Responsibility Letter

2021-01-29Return list

         On January 11, 2021, the company organized the first safety production meeting in 2021. Safety production director Liu Xiaoqiang gave a detailed interpretation of the company’s safety production goals in 2021. The company’s general manager Wu Yongming and various departments and workshops are mainly responsible People signed the 2021 safety production target responsibility letter.


       The company’s safety production goals in 2021 are: zero accidents with serious injuries or more; zero production fire and explosion accidents with direct economic losses of more than 10,000 yuan; zero occupational hazard accidents (poisoning, occupational diseases); special equipment accidents (boiler explosion) , Pressure vessel explosion, lifting injury and elevator injury) are zero; light injury accidents shall be strictly controlled, and the light injury rate shall be controlled within 8‰.

       This year's production safety goals include serious injuries, minor injuries, occupational hazards, and special equipment accidents, and the requirements are more stringent. All units must decompose, formulate, and sign the 2021 department-level and team-level safety production target responsibility letters to effectively implement safety responsibilities to each employee, further improve the safety awareness and management capabilities of all employees, and curb various accidents To ensure that the company’s annual safety production goals are achieved.

Yi Rong