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Qiyuan Sinopharm held the 2020 work summary meeting for the outside market

2021-01-29Return list

         On January 8, 2021, Qiyuan Sinopharm’s Marketing Department 2 and Department 3 held the 2020 sales work summary meeting. The heads of each region summarized the business development in their own areas. The company leaders finally commented on the outstanding performance. The salesman was commended.


        2020 is an extraordinary year. The new crown epidemic, national centralized procurement, local centralized procurement, medical insurance catalog adjustments, etc. have had a great adverse impact on our business development outside the region. However, with the strong support of the company's leaders and various departments, and the hard work of all colleagues, we still achieved good results.

        This meeting is not only an annual summary meeting for sales in 2020, but also a mobilization meeting and encouragement meeting for the overall deployment of sales tasks in 2021. The meeting called on all business personnel to face the challenges, forge ahead, unite and work together to achieve the company's sales target in 2021.

He Pengchang