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Yongning County Federation of Trade Unions extended condolences to employees of Qiyuan Pharmaceutica

2021-02-05 Return list

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          On the morning of February 5, when the Spring Festival is approaching, the chairman of Yongning County Federation of Trade Unions Kuai Jinyin and his party came to Qiyuan Pharmaceutical and distributed heart-warming packages to 25 employees of the company in different places, so that they could spend a time in Yongning. A warm and loving New Year.

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         Courtesy is light and affection is heavy, caring warms people's hearts. This sympathy event made Liuning New Year's employees deeply feel the care and warmth of the party and the government, feel the warmth of "home", and dispelled their "homesickness". After receiving the New Year's gifts, everyone showed happy smiles on their faces and took a group photo happily.

                             Chen Shengxiang